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Hello There!

Welcome to Lighthouse BCS, where transforming your business is what gets us up in the morning. I’m Caitlin Harris, your strategic partner on this journey to operational excellence and market leadership. Whether you're bogged down by daily operations or on the lookout for strategic growth, I've got your back.

My Story

Imagine walking into a routine meeting and leaving with your world turned upside down. That was me in the not-so-distant past. After years of serving as an operations manager—where I constantly juggled responsibilities with no time to breathe—I was told that my position was no longer needed. It was a moment that felt like a crisis but turned out to be a gift. It forced me to step back, decide what I truly wanted from life and focus on what truly matters. It wasn’t just about finding another job; it was about helping people like you—passionate entrepreneurs who are so close to their goals yet often feel overwhelmed.

With a unique blend of creative flair and a highly-systematized approach, I founded Lighthouse BCS to be the beacon of hope and clarity for overwhelmed entrepreneurs. My mission? To help you transform your operational chaos into a streamlined, efficient powerhouse that propels your business forward.

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Crafting Your Success

At Lighthouse BCS, we don’t just put out fires—we prevent them. Leveraging over a decade of high-stakes decision-making experience, I specialize in cutting through the noise to pinpoint exactly what’s holding your business back and implementing smart, effective strategies to overcome these obstacles.

Why Work with Me?

Seeing a business owner go from "I'm stuck" to "I never knew this was possible!" is what fuels my fire. I believe everyone needs a 'Caitlin' in their corner—someone to bring fresh eyes to old problems and craft strategies that are as unique as they are effective. Let’s make business fun again and get you back to doing what you love, with less stress and more success.

Waiting Can Cost You Big

Let's face it: when you're swamped, every day that passes without a change means missed opportunities and more headaches. It's not just about the growing to-do list; it's about what you're not doing—innovating, expanding, thriving. Sticking to 'business as usual' can lead to burnout and your dreams slipping through your fingers. With Lighthouse BCS, we tackle the chaos head-on, turning those 'somedays' into today, so your business doesn't just run, it soars.

Let's Make Magic Happen

Eager to see how far your business can go with the right strategies in place? Book a free consultation today. Let's explore what Lighthouse BCS can do for you, and start turning those dreams into reality. Are you ready ​to make your business operations a breeze and rediscover your passion for what you do? Let’s chat and ignite that spark.

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